Jumat, 10 Juli 2015

Lyric Don't It By Billy Currington

"Don't It"
Baby, don’t say no so quick
This ain’t about me tryin’ to see how far that I can get
But I ain’t gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind
Just a little bit of you and I
Eye to eye, lips on lips, swayin’ to the music
Real close, we could we both use a little
A let go kinda night
Baby, if you want a

Good time we can get on it
Take a shot or you can sip on it
Find a floor and we can dance on it, slow song it
Far as I can tell that finger ain’t got no ring on it
Come on baby, bring on it
It’s one of those stars fallin’, love callin’
Get ya feelin’ all right nights
Sounds good, don’t it, don’t it
Every little thing you got, you know that I want it, want it
Sounds pretty dang good now don’t it

Well, I just now seen that smile
And I bet it’s been a minute since you tapped into
Your wild and crazy side
So baby, let’s do this
Tonight, baby that moon looks
Just right, don’t fight it, if you want a


So baby, let’s get on it
You’re gonna love it, you can bet on it
Karaoke, we can microphone it
Whatever you want it


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